Tex-Mex Meal Makeovers for the San Antonio Firefighters

By S. Kirk Walsh, "Firehouse Makeover," January/February 2012

The hidden killer in the San Antonio fire department was heart disease. Here’s how they fought it and how you can too.

In addition to individual consultations for firefighters, each firehouse now has a subscription to EatingWell to give them inspiration for healthier meals. And Worley has worked with the EatingWell Test Kitchen to develop recipes for healthier versions of San Antonio’s Tex-Mex favorites. We trimmed beef enchiladas by making them with lean beef, adding mushrooms and opting for whole-wheat tortillas. Frito pie turns gourmet with homemade baked chips topped with bean and vegetable-packed chili. And chiles rellenos are stuffed with chicken, corn and just a little cheese, then pan-fried instead of deep-fried. With Maria’s efforts—and these five healthier recipes—the San Antonio firefighters are on the road to being in tip-top shape, saving their lives—and others.

Photography by: Jody Horton

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