How to Cook a Healthy Meatloaf: A Master Basic Meatloaf Recipe and 4 Easy Variations

Learn our 4 steps to cooking a healthier meatloaf recipe and how to add different flavors to a healthy, basic meatloaf recipe.

There’s a new way to make a great meatloaf. Purists focus on the meat, de-emphasizing the importance of the other fillers like breadcrumbs, vegetables and seasonings, but we look at meatloaf as an opportunity to sneak in some extra ­vegetables and whole grains and play with different flavors to give this classic a regular place on a healthy dinner table. See how we give meatloaf a modern makeover.

In just 30 minutes you can throw together a killer meatloaf that has a fraction of the calories and saturated fat of a traditional recipe. (Our Basic Meatloaf, for example, saves you 170 calories and 6 grams saturated fat per serving.) To get started, pick a flavor combo you want to try and follow our how-to instructions.

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