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Grilled Cheese Goes Gourmet

I did a quick Google search for “grilled cheese” and the first recipe I saw called for “2 slices cheese, 2 slices white bread and 2 tablespoons butter.” That’s for one sandwich. A seemingly innocent sandwich like a plain old grilled cheese is apparently not so innocent...

» Grilled Cheese Goes Gourmet

Healthy Cheesy Calzones

Corn & Broccoli Calzone is proof that you need not feel deprived on a healthy diet—you can still enjoy a calzone! This healthy version has 350 calories and just 3 grams of saturated fat—plus calcium, vitamins A and C. Nonfat ricotta and a bit of melted mozzarella go a...

» Healthy Cheesy Calzones

Healthy Creamy Soups

Decadent cream-based soups are some of my favorite candidates for EatingWell’s makeover treatment. I love a good challenge and creamy soups are typically loaded with saturated fat and calories precisely because of that quality we love about them: their creaminess. In most...

» Healthy Creamy Soups

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