6 Tips for Making Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two at Home

Helpful tips for cooking for two and grocery shopping for two.

"Another thing to add - frozen veggies is also a must to stock up on. We use stir-fry veggies with left over beef roast or chicken. So if the 5# of frozen chicken breasts are a better buy, make 2 for the meal and 2 more for stir-fry for...

5. A note about convenience foods: New convenience items are appearing with great regularity these days. We like containers of peeled garlic cloves, refrigerated jars of chopped ginger, and those newly available tubes of pureed herbs. When shopping for two, a smart buy might be packages of mixed fresh herbs—sold variously as “poultry seasoning,” “soup seasoning” or “Italian seasoning.” Frozen and pan-ready mushrooms, onions, peppers and other ingredients can make speedy cooking a reality.

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