6 Tips for Making Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two at Home

Helpful tips for cooking for two and grocery shopping for two.

"Where's the pantry list. Would really love to have this please "

4. Buy time-saving, waste-minimizing precut or frozen fruits and vegetables. Prewashed salad mixes might cost more than whole heads, but you often end up with less waste and more variety; and if you find a market that sells the greens from a bulk bin, you won’t have any leftovers wilting in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. Likewise, if your choice is between a whole head of broccoli and bulk or frozen florets, you may want to choose the latter, and just use what you need when you need it. Of course, you wouldn’t use frozen vegetables in a recipe that showcases fresh ones, but you can take them right from the freezer to your skillet for any cooked dish.

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