6 Tips for Making Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two at Home

Helpful tips for cooking for two and grocery shopping for two.

"Another thing to add - frozen veggies is also a must to stock up on. We use stir-fry veggies with left over beef roast or chicken. So if the 5# of frozen chicken breasts are a better buy, make 2 for the meal and 2 more for stir-fry for...

2. Be picky. Ripe fruits and vegetables cook faster and add much more flavor than their immature counterparts. But how do you tell what’s ripe? There is, in fact, one cardinal rule for almost all fruits and vegetables: if it doesn’t smell like anything, it won’t taste like anything. Forgo the smell-less (and thus, tasteless) stuff and go for what’s ripe, fresh and ready to cook. The same goes for meat and fish. Ask the person behind the counter if you can smell before you buy. Fish and shellfish should smell like blue ocean at high tide on a spring morning, never like the tidal flats on an August afternoon. Meat should smell clean and bright, not like copper, soured yogurt or runny cheese.

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