5 Easy Power Dinners to Fuel Your Week

A week’s worth of delicious recipes starring the power players of the vegetable world.

You can tell broccoli’s good for you just by looking at it: all those little green fists raised to righteous health! Even though nutrition fads come and go, broccoli’s super-veggie status never falters. So we decided to give you a week’s worth of delicious dinners that star broccoli and other members of its family. After all, the whole big band of brassica brothers, which runs from cauliflower and Brussels sprouts to turnips, kale and arugula, share a potent health profile. They provide isothiocyanates, compounds that amp up the production of enzymes that help clear toxins from the body. That’s not all. Take a look at the nutrition bonuses here: these vegetables are loaded with the antioxidants beta carotene (which the body converts to vitamin A) and vitamin C as well as folate, a vitamin that’s linked with heart health and helps build healthy new cells.

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