Quick, Healthy Bearnaise Sauce

Real Craig Claiborne-style, old-school béarnaise sauce means whisking over a double boiler and hoping that you don’t curdle this tarragon-flecked French classic. It also means plenty of butter and egg yolks. Yes, it’s delicious. But it’s neither healthy nor easy.

In our recipe for Asparagus Topped with Creamy Tarragon Sauce, we deliver a delicious version of béarnaise sauce without the fuss, fat and calories. The base of this simple no-cook sauce is reduced-fat mayonnaise, reduced-fat yogurt and lemon juice. Tangy, creamy and tasty, it only takes about 2 minutes to make.

Serve béarnaise sauce hot or cold on steamed asparagus or even with a grilled steak. Want more creamy, cheesy sauces to top your favorite foods? Try Light Cheese Sauce with steamed broccoli, Brussels Sprouts with Sherry-Asiago Cream Sauce or Cauliflower with New Mornay Sauce. And if it’s just good old hollandaise sauce you long for, we’ve got a lighter version of hollandaise sauce too.

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