Healthy French Silk Pie

I’m in love with this French Silk Pie’s mousse-like filling of luscious, creamy, rich chocolate. And what’s better than a chocolate cookie crust? Ok, rich, mousse-y filling and cookie crust in a pie that’s good for your heart and your waistline.

So I can’t say that I’m surprised by this comment on our website from a reader in Illinois: “It was delicious! I made it for a family party and no one knew it was ‘good’ for them. Everyone raved about it and asked me to make it again.”

I’m thrilled to hear things like that because it means that this decadent chocolate dessert has passed the ultimate test of a successful recipe makeover—this pie tastes just as good as a traditional version and no one can tell it’s healthier.

The filling for French Silk Pie is typically made with heavy cream, butter, whole eggs, sugar and plenty of chocolate. Yes, this sounds delicious, but trust me, this healthy recipe tastes just as amazing and has a fraction of the calories and saturated fat.
Here are some of our tricks to making it healthy:

* Omit the butter and heavy cream in the filling
* Use low-fat milk
* Reduce the amount of chocolate and substitute some cocoa powder instead
* Make a meringue with egg whites and fold this into the filling
* Use gelatin to give the filling a rich, creamy texture
* Add a splash of fresh brewed coffee to boost the rich flavor of the filling
* Skip the butter in the cookie crust and instead bind it together with chopped dates, water and a bit of canola oil

And one more trick: when you’re trying to keep this pie healthy look for chocolate cookies without any partially hydrogenated oils in them. Newman’s Own and Mi-Del brands both make chocolate cookies without trans fats. You can find both brands in large supermarkets.

Hope you enjoy the pie and check back to let us know how you like it.

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