Healthy Creamy Soups

Decadent cream-based soups are some of my favorite candidates for EatingWell’s makeover treatment. I love a good challenge and creamy soups are typically loaded with saturated fat and calories precisely because of that quality we love about them: their creaminess. In most cases it’s achieved with (what else?) cream and butter.

But there’s no reason it has to be that way. You can get all the creaminess of a traditional version of a cream-based soup, such as our New England Clam Chowder, with a fraction of the fat and calories. And served with a salad, soups make a great meal. In fact there are more than a dozen fabulous creamy soup recipes packed into our new book, Comfort Foods Made Healthy.

Here are some of the tricks that we used to make these soups creamy and rich, while keeping them healthy:

* Use reduced-fat milk thickened with flour.

* Use just a touch of cream or butter for flavor.

* Stir reduced-fat sour cream into a soup at the end to add the perfect creamy richness it needs.

* For pureed soups adding a small amount of rice to the soup gives it a creamy, thick, satisfying consistency.

* Potatoes, especially floury ones like russets, pureed into soups make them thick and creamy without the saturated fat.

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