Healthier Roast Turkey

Here is a visual comparison of EatingWell’s Thanksgiving recipes versus more traditional versions of the same foods that are bound to be gracing your holiday table. We included calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium in our comparison, and we think you’ll agree the statistics are telling. Best of all, the tricks and techniques used to make these recipes lighter also make them delicious! There is no sacrificing taste in any of these great recipes. Share these healthy dishes with your family and friends this year—and save up some of those calories for the next big holiday.


Of course you can save calories with a 3 oz portion, but that is not the point of the recipe. The reduction of fat comes from not smothering it with a pound of butter and not making the gravy.
Im making it tonight. I brined mine overnight with a vegetable broth I made with seasalt carots onion, tomoto and various other veggies I let brew for 1 hour. Make one galon of the broth, let cool, add some ice, then let your turkey sit overnight in a bag of broth and put it in a clean bucket.

If this comes out good, I will give up the traditional mash potatoes and gravy. I am serving baked sweet potatoes and cucumber and tomato salad with a vinegerette. I am going to try and stuff the turkey with
some brown rice and herbs and let you know how it turns out. With the low cost of turkeys (got mine for 29c pound) this season I always buy an extra one for sandwiches for a lowfat lunch at work, so this seems like a good recipe to try with that extra turkey. Will post tomorro let you know how it turns out.


11/27/2010 - 8:53am

If I am reading this correctly- the presentation of the reduction in calories is very deceiving. Eatingwell is comparing a 3 oz portion to a 6.5 oz portion and claiming a large reduction in calories, fat etc. There is a reduction but not to the extent you would think on glancing at the information. I am referring to the roast turkey recipe.


11/05/2009 - 3:45pm

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