Healthier Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole has a pedigree. It was invented by Campbell Soup Company in 1955 to prompt happy housewives to buy more cream of mushroom soup, it’s a piece of American marketing history. A culinary icon, but one, like many from its era, that falls squarely in our makeover sweet-spot. Download a FREE Healthy Casserole Recipe Cookbook!

EatingWell Green Bean Casserole

Traditionally made with butter, canned soup and canned French-fried onions, this classic is high in calories, sodium and saturated fat. We get an equally delicious result by using fresh mushrooms, low-fat milk and lightly pan-fried sweet onions coated with garlic-seasoned flour. When you taste our version, we’re sure you’ll agree this is one culinary icon that was ready for a re-invention.

How We Made It Healthier

  • We skip the canned mushroom soup (which has plenty of sodium) and instead make our own creamy sauce.
  • We use frozen green beans instead of fresh - this keeps it easy, but still healthy. Frozen beans are a great option— they're picked at the peak of ripeness when they have plenty of nutrients then frozen right away.
  • To reduce sodium we call for sherry in this recipe- but don't use cooking sherry as it has added sodium.
  • Buttermilk powder is one of the "secret" ingredients that makes this so "rich" tasting but still healthy. It adds depth of flavor but not a lot of calories or fat. Look for it in the baking section of your supermarket.
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Recipe comparison of EatingWell’s Green Bean Casserole versus a traditional version. We:

  • Cut calories by about a quarter
  • Cut fat in half
  • Cut saturated fat by 80%
  • Added fiber
  • Cut sodium

Nutrition Comparison

EatingWell’s Green Bean Casserole

Traditional Green Bean Casserole Recipe

212 Calories

276 Calories

10 g Fat

21 g Fat

2 g Saturated Fat

10 g Saturated Fat

3 g Fiber

2 g Fiber

533 mg Sodium

649 mg Sodium

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