Forget Fillet-O-Fish

Forget Fillet-O-Fish. EatingWell’s decadent Blackened Salmon Sandwich is the perfect fish sandwich. It’s got a spice-crusted seared piece of salmon that’s a little crisp on the outside and slightly blackened, silky and moist inside and super flavorful. Plus it has a creamy rich mayonnaise-avocado spread, red onion for a little kick and the serving is generous and filling.

Besides being delish, there’s plenty of good health news—most of the fat in the sandwich is the heart-healthy unsaturated type (that comes from the fish and the avocado). Plus 6 grams of fiber, omega-3s and relatively little sodium round out the rosy picture. This sandwich is a perfect example of how healthy food can taste great and doesn’t have to seem like “health food.” And in fact healthy food, even healthy “fried” food, can be way better and more tasty than its less healthy counterparts.

Here are the stats for our salmon sandwich:

* 429 calories
* 16 grams of fat
* 3 grams saturated fat
* 755 mg sodium
* 6 grams fiber
* A good source of omega-3s

For me this sandwich is a no-brainer because I love almost all salmon recipes and I adore all things blackened. But if you must have fried fish, don’t worry: we can even make that healthy too. Check out our collection of other healthy “fried” recipes for foods like zucchini sticks and even fried chicken.

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