Wake Up to a Whole-Grain Breakfast

By Maria Speck, "Wake Up to Whole Grains," January/February 2010

6 delicious ways to get hearty whole grains into your morning routine.

What follows is a spread of whole-grain breakfasts, infused with the flavors of my mom’s native Greece. Some are for leisurely slow-paced Sundays with your family and friends. Others will nourish you on those hectic Monday mornings when you need a kick-start for the day. You can fly out the door with an almond-honey power bar in hand or a fig-studded muffin with a sweet surprise filling. Both can be prepared ahead. Or whip up a bowl of creamy, warming, orange-infused polenta to feed you fast on chilly days. For Sundays, when you are less pressed for time, treat yourself to a richly aromatic walnut cake, inspired by traditional Greek cake recipes, which feature lots of walnuts along with cloves, orange juice and olive oil. Or line up for crisp homemade waffles made with whole-wheat flour and topped with hot cherry sauce. Who doesn’t love waffles, after all? So be sure to enjoy these breakfasts or, as I say, “kali orexi and guten Appetit.”

Maria Speck is working on a whole-grain cookbook for Ten Speed Press.

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