Cooking for One? Tips & Recipes for Delicious Single-Serving Meals (Page 7)

Cook Once, Eat All Week

6. Cook Once, Eat All Week

Invest in a whole chicken, ham or even pot roast. Yes, that’s a lot of food for one person, and it takes some time to make these recipes, but the beauty of cooking up a large amount of meat is that you can use it over the course of a few days and it can be something different every time (and you can freeze some for later use too!). A whole chicken becomes chicken salad on Monday, then a chicken taco on Tuesday. A pot roast can get sliced thinly and used in a wrap one day, then chopped up and added to soup the next. Just make sure you don’t go too big: you don’t want to store meat in your fridge for more than 3 or 4 days. If you’re having trouble getting through it all, put it in your freezer and use it later.

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