EatingWell Taste Test: The Great Whole-Wheat Pasta Challenge

By EatingWell Editors, "The Great Whole-Wheat Pasta Challenge," February/March 2005

Tasting whole-wheat spaghettis.

"The Great Value Whole Wheat Linguine from WalMart has a mild taste and decent texture that's not too mushy nor too "hard." I tried it out one day because I was being a cheapo (it's like a dollar) but ended up liking it ... Great Value...

Cover with Lots of Sauce

Westbrae Natural Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti ($1.50/pound): In both flavor and texture, this natural-foods-store staple failed to impress our tasters. Morris: “It tasted like cardboard.” Bove: “Next.” Emma Ruopp: “Grainy and gummy; it just wasn’t good.” Caleb Ruopp: “It lacked flavor, but what flavor was left wasn’t good.”

The Tasting Panel:

Charlie Hays: owner, Global Bite Catering
Sandy Morris: chef, food stylist
Maggie, Caleb, Emma Ruopp, students
Mark Bove: president, Bove’s of Vermont
Katherine Kjelleren, homemaker

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