EatingWell Taste Test: Chicken Sausage

By EatingWell Editors, "Sausage Showdown," January/February 2007

Sausage Showdown: The EatingWell Test Kitchen picks healthy sausages that taste great

Healthy Chicken Sausage Recipes to Try
Our Favorite Healthy Chicken Sausage Recipes

Al Fresco

Three of the seven Al Fresco flavors we tried ended up in our Top 8—Sweet Italian Style (our overall favorite), Buffalo Style and Teriyaki Ginger—but only the Sweet Italian flavor garnered our Smart Choice rating (the others were a bit high in sodium). All of us on the tasting panel prefer spicier foods, but we agreed with Jessie’s comment that the Sweet Italian had “great flavor—spicier than I would expect for a ‘sweet’ sausage.” Carolyn C. thought the flavors really came through in the Teriyaki Ginger sausage, but Stacy couldn’t get past its “too pink” color. Hilary wished for “a little more heat (and some blue cheese sauce)” on top of the Buffalo Style flavor.

Al Fresco Sweet Italian Style was chosen as an "EatingWell Smart Choice."

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