9 Green Products for a Healthy Kitchen (Page 10)

9. Eco-Friendly Milk Container

Which milk container is the most environmentally friendly? Pablo Päster, environmental consultant and columnist for, calculated the average impact of a quart of each type—cardboard, plastic, glass and aseptic cartons, a packaging method that allows milk to be stored unrefrigerated until opened. He added up the resources used to produce the milk and the container plus those used in transportation and storage from farm to producer and then to your local grocer.

Grams of greenhouse gas emissions per quart*:

  • Aseptic carton: 1,340
  • Glass bottle: 2,090
  • Plastic jug: 2,880
  • Cardboard: 3,150

*This analysis is a general view that approximates an average value rather than a value that is exact.

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