Family Meal Makeover: Pizza Night

By Sylvia Geiger, M.S., R.D., "Family Table: “Please Rejuvenate Our Dinners”," August/September 2006

Learn how we cut the fat out of a family favorite.

The Family Weighs In

While Sarah was making the pizza, the kids devoured the veggie platter; Lillian attacked the cauliflower with the enthusiasm most kids save for candy. The dill in the dip threw Ruby for a loop, however, and she requested that the next time her mother makes it, she leaves it out. Easy enough.

The pizza was also a big hit and everyone agreed that it was “very good!” But when the discussion turned to the stealth vegetable, the pumpkin puree in the sauce, the gusto of Sam’s bite came to a screeching halt. But only momentarily. Ruby, on the other hand, was not fazed by the unexpected pumpkin and just commented that she liked “the thick crust.” Lillian’s serving disappeared.

Dessert got rave reviews. Daniel thought the “baked peaches seemed to have a sweeter and an intensified peachy flavor—the perfect complement to the vanilla frozen yogurt.” Sarah liked the crunchy ginger-cookie topping. And the kids? Well, they were too busy scraping their bowls to answer, but spoke up a moment later, asking, “Is there any more?”

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