5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything (Page 3)

Keep It Positive

Keep It Positive

Most nutrition experts say absolutely no food bribing, as it can lead to negative associations with food. I get it: When you tell your kid he can’t leave the table to play with a (fun) puzzle until he eats his peas, he’s not going to think fondly of peas. But at my house, negotiating has worked wonders. When I tell Jules that he cannot have any more dried apricots until he’s had four bites of his chicken or even that he cannot have a mini popsicle—which I emphasize is a treat—until he eats his pasta, he tends to eat more of the “good” stuff. He even seems to enjoy it. (Yes, I know not everyone agrees with me on this point.) If you need recipe ideas, check out these 30 kid-friendly dinners they’ll be begging you to make.

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