Cut Calories with Our Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner Menu (Page 2)

1. Turkey

How We Made It Healthier

Many recipes suggest rubbing the bird with butter before roasting. If you roast a turkey without overcooking, it won’t dry out—so there’s no need to rub it with butter beforehand and load up on saturated fat. To keep the sodium in check we make sure to use just a bit of salt on the turkey before roasting it. Salt can be added at the table depending on personal preference. We recommend removing the skin from turkey before eating it. The skin is loaded with saturated fat.

And of course, portion size is one of the keys to not overindulging during the holidays (or anytime). The EatingWell recommended serving size of protein is 3 ounces cooked as opposed to most recipes with serving sizes closer to 6 or more ounces.

Featured Recipe:
EatingWell Apple-Shallot Roasted Turkey

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  EatingWell Recipe Traditional Recipe Amount Saved % Cut
Calories 155 368 213 58%
Fat (g) 5 16 11 69%
Saturated Fat (g) 1 7 6 86%
Sodium (mg) 115 994 879 88%
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