Thanksgiving Recipe Makeover: How to Cut Calories at Thanksgiving Dinner (Page 8)

7. Pie

Calories Saved: 203

A slice of pie can be guilt-free. To add fiber and nutrients and keep the crust tender, we use a blend of whole-wheat pastry flour and all-purpose flour. Plus we reduce saturated fat by replacing some of the butter with heart-healthy canola oil. We use low-fat sweetened condensed milk instead of full-fat for the pumpkin filling. You still get a great-tasting pie, but with 25 grams less fat and 203 fewer calories per serving.

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Holiday Pumpkin Pie

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  EatingWell Recipe Traditional Recipe Amount Saved % Cut
Calories 292 495 203 41%
Fat (g) 9 34 25 74%
Saturated Fat (g) 3 19 16 84%
Sodium (mg) 174 192 18 9%
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