Holiday Gifts for Foodies (Page 9)

$13-$16 each:
Citrus Juicer

Help prevent lemon juicing accidents— spraying juice in your eyes. This affordable gift will make juicing lemons a squeeze.

To use these colorful, easy-to-use, hand-held Citrus Juicers by Amco Houseworks (, $12.95-$15.95), simply slice an orange, lemon or lime in half, place it into the durable, enamel-coated gadget and squeeze. The tool turns the citrus half inside out, neatly extracts all the juice and leaves the pulp and seeds behind. Cleanup is easy; these are dishwasher-safe with a finish that won't rust. When you see all the amazing lemon recipes in our next issue, you'll have plenty of sweet and savory ways to put it to work.

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