Yogurt Healthy Food Guide

Peak season: Available year-round.

Recipe shown above: Pina Colada Yogurt Parfait


Who knew there was so much healthy goodness packed into a creamy cup of yogurt? Low-fat and nonfat yogurt offers an ideal blend of protein and carbohydrates as part of a healthy breakfast, for an energy-packed snack or as a tasty addition to healthy sauces and recipes.

What you get

One cup of yogurt provides nearly half the recommended daily value of calcium and is rich in phosphorus, riboflavin and B12.


Shopping Tips
Some yogurts can be closer to dessert than to a healthy snack. Don’t let fat and added sugars spoil a good thing; avoid whole-milk yogurts and choose low-fat versions that can be just as creamy.
In many fruit-flavored low-fat yogurts, the "fruit" is really jam (i.e., mostly sugar). Opt for low-fat plain yogurt and stir in fresh fruit or a natural sweetener, such as maple syrup or honey, to suit your taste.
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