Summer Fruit Guide

How to select the best fruit of the summer season.


Now that summer is here, get your fill of fresh peaches. Toss some in your morning yogurt or breakfast cereal, bake some into a pie or tart, experiment with savory recipes for main dishes or sides, or merely eat them on the go, juice running down your chin and, without a doubt, a smile on your face.

What You Get: Besides amazing flavor, peaches are packed with natural goodness from vitamins A, C and potassium. They’re also a good source of antioxidants, beta carotene (which gives them their deep yellow color) and flavonoids, which may help slow the aging process and reduce the risk of some types of cancer and heart disease. Plus with only 60 calories each and plenty of fiber, they are a calorie-counter’s dream.

Shopping Tips: Choose peaches with a "peachy" scent, slightly sweet and flowery. Ripe peaches will give a little when gently pressed.

The red or blush color on the skin is a characteristic of variety, not ripeness.

Avoid any peaches that are overly green—they were picked too early and won’t ripen properly.

Never squeeze peaches, as they will bruise.

Storage Tip: If your peaches need ripening, set them in a single layer on the counter, not stacked, and allow to ripen for a day or so at room temperature. Once ripe, transfer them to the refrigerator and use within a week.

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