Spring Vegetable Guide

How to choose the best vegetables for the spring season.


King Louis XIV of France was so fond of asparagus he ordered greenhouses to grow the delicacy year-round. Today, you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy it anytime, but it is the freshest and tastiest in spring.

What You Get: One stalk of asparagus contains just 4 calories and delivers healthy doses of folate, potassium and fiber.

Shopping Tips: Consumers who choose spindly asparagus are actually missing the juicy tenderness of fatter, more robust spears. "Elegantly thin" asparagus is less sweet, more grassy and herbaceous. Shun any spear that appears shriveled or whose bud is spreading open.

Storage Tip: If you’re not going to eat your asparagus within a day or two, stand it upright in a glass of water to keep it hydrated.

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