Pear Healthy Food Guide (Page 3)

How to Shop for the Best Pears

Shopping Tip: There are a variety of pears to choose from in most grocery stores and each variety has its season. Pears are one of the few fruits that don’t benefit from ripening on the tree. In fact, pears left unpicked tend to rot from the inside out.

Bartlett: Smooth, juicy flesh, excellent for canning, poaching or eating plain. The skin turns bright yellow when ripe. Peak season: August-January.

Red Bartlett: Similar to the regular Bartlett, but turns bright red when ripe. Adds color to salads, also great cooked. Peak season: August-January.

Anjou: Spicy taste with smooth, white flesh. Best enjoyed fresh. Peak season: October-June.

Bosc: Distinguished by its long, tapered neck, slim stem and golden brown skin. Has dense, aromatic flesh with a buttery texture. Great for poaching, roasting, broiling and grilling. Peak season: September-April.

Red Anjou: Spicy taste with smooth flesh. Eat fresh or use it in baking. Peak season: October-May.

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