Soy Healthy Food Guide (Page 4)

More Tips for Shopping for Soy

• Soy sauce is a dark fermented liquid made from soybeans. It can be found in the Asian section of most supermarkets, in natural-foods stores or Asian grocery stores.

• Soymilk is a dairy-free milk made from pressed, cooked and ground soybeans. It can be found in natural-foods stores and in most supermarkets in the dairy case or on shelves in aseptic packaging.

• Tempeh is a chewy, nutty, fermented soybean loaf. Find it (plain or with added grains) near refrigerated tofu in natural-foods stores and many large supermarkets.

• Tofu is “soybean curd” made by heating soymilk and a curdling agent in a process similar to dairy cheesemaking. The longer the pressing, the firmer and denser the tofu. Silken tofu is delicate and custardlike, perfect for pureeing and using in dressings, smoothies, sauces or floating in delicate soups. Extra-firm tofu is ideal for stir-fries, sautés and grilling, while the soft variety makes a good substitute for ricotta in Italian dishes or for eggs in quiches. Firm tofu is a good all-purpose choice. Tofu is available at natural-foods stores and most large supermarkets. Look for water-packed tofu in the produce section and aseptic-packaged tofu with other Asian ingredients.

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