Cheese Healthy Food Guide

Peak season: Available year-round.

Recipe shown above: Black Bean Nacho Pizza


There are so many varieties of cheese in the world that you could eat a different kind every day for almost four years without repeating one. All cheese is a rich source of calcium, so sampling the abundance helps to strengthen your bones.

What you get

Although relatively high in calories and saturated fat, cheese is rich in calcium and provides some protein and phosphorus.


Shopping Tip
Reduced-fat doesn’t necessarily mean reduced-taste. Experiment with reduced-fat varieties of your favorite cheeses to find your favorites.
Cooking Tips
If you want to reduce the amount of cheese in baked dishes to cut down on fat, skip the cheese in fillings and instead use it just as a topping. This will give the biggest flavor impact.
Use a combination of reduced-fat cream cheese and pureed nonfat cottage cheese instead of sour cream to reduce calories and saturated fat in dips.
Skip full-fat ricotta cheese; using part-skim ricotta in recipes like calzones or lasagna saves about 50 calories and 6 grams of fat for every 1/2 cup. And it's every bit as rich and creamy.
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