Banana Healthy Food Guide

America’s Favorite Fruit

Americans eat more bananas than any other fresh fruit. Here’s why we go bananas over them.

• They’re nutritious. One of the best fruit sources of potassium (a nutrient associated with healthy blood pressure), bananas also boast good doses of vitamin C, cell-building B6 and fiber.
• They come in their own portion-controlled, portable, biodegradable packaging.
• They’re a good neighbor. Bananas give off so much ethylene gas while they’re ripening, they can turn green tomatoes red or ripen a hard avocado if you put them in a paper bag together for a few days.
• They rarely go to waste. Refrigerate once ripe and the skin will darken, but the fruit inside will be fine. Use really ripe bananas for baking or smoothies. Or peel and freeze them whole to use later.

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