Apricots Healthy Food Guide

Peak season: May-early July


Did you know? In 2004, only 13% of all United States apricots were sold fresh, 23% were used for canning and juicing, and 57% were dried apricots.

Before peaches, plums and berries appear in markets, apricots arrive. Ancient Romans were so impressed by this fruit’s early ripening that they took to calling it praecocium, Latin for “precocious.” Most apricots are destined to be canned or dried, and their season is fleeting, so get fresh ones fast. Enjoy the fruits alone for a snack, or highlight their inherent sweetness in one of our delicious recipes (below).



freezing Apricots like this does NOT work! i tried it last year & ruined 2 gallons. dried apricots are so yummy & of course jam


03/16/2010 - 6:24pm

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20 minute dinner recipes
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