The Best Sweeteners for Baking (Page 7)

Date Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie

5. Date Sugar: “Best Personality”

The Sub: Used 2/3 cup in place of each cup of sugar in the classic recipe.

The Verdict: #5. The ugly runt of our litter, these cookies retained their prebaking shape completely and came out of the oven looking like little blobs. While they “looked healthy,” they tasted delicious. A bit more doughlike than a traditional cookie, these did not have a strong date flavor but some tasters noticed a figgy sweetness. If you want to try date sugar in place of regular sugar in a batch of cookies, you’ll have to shape the cookie by hand if you want them to look more like a cookie than a blob of dough. This natural sweetener made it to our top 5 list because we loved the flavor, but don’t expect to get a classic-looking result if you try using it in cookies at home.

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