The Best Sweeteners for Baking (Page 10)

Agave Chocolate Chip Cookie

Agave: “Most Surprising Result”

The Sub: Used 3/4 cup in place of each cup of sugar in the classic recipe (see Note about using liquid sweeteners below).

The Verdict: Even though we like using agave to sweeten other things like granola bars and iced tea, cookies made with it were not a crowd-pleaser. Many tasters noticed a bitter taste and the elastic texture was off-putting. On the plus side, the cookies turned a deep golden hue and held their shape well. Bottom line: Save your agave for a different recipe.

*Note: When using a liquid sweetener, in place of granulated white and/or brown sugar, reduce liquids in the recipe by 2 tablespoons for each cup of sugar swapped. (In our testing, we eliminated 1 of the 2 eggs called for in the classic chocolate chip recipe.) And reduce oven temperature by 25°F.

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