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Salad Greens

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Start with 4 cups of greens. Greens are full of fiber, which helps digestion. Combine different types to balance textures and flavors. Some of our favorites to toss into salads:

Arugula is an aromatic green that lends a peppery mustard flavor to salads.

Belgian endive has compact, slender, elongated heads with cream-colored leaves that have yellow or pink tips.

Butterhead lettuces (Boston and Bibb) are soft, buttery-textured lettuces with mild flavor.

Escarole is a type of chicory with tender, broad, pale green leaves that can be eaten raw or lightly cooked.

Leaf lettuces are lettuces that grow leaves from a single stalk rather than forming a tight head.

Radicchio heads have thick purple-red leaves streaked with white veins. Try it along with other salad greens to balance its bitter flavor.

Romaine grows in tall, cylindrical heads and is the lettuce of choice for Caesar salad.

Spinach is a tender, mild-flavored green. Baby spinach is harvested earlier than large-leaved mature spinach. Remove the tough stems from mature spinach.

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