How to Freeze 16 Fruits and Vegetables (Page 6)

vacuum sealer

Step 5

Or pack fruits and vegetables in bags that are made to use with a vacuum sealer and seal them airtight before storing in the freezer.

When frozen foods come in contact with air, off flavors can develop. Vacuum sealers, which remove all the air from a package, help keep flavors fresh. Hand-held models, such as the FoodSaver Freshsaver ($29.99, and the Reynolds Handi-Vac ($12.79, and housewares stores), are economical, light and easy to store. They come with reusable plastic bags with zip-close tops and a vent where the sealer attaches to suck the air from the bag. Larger models, such as the FoodSaver V3840 Vacuum Sealer ($173.40,, are bulkier to store, but they’re more durable so they’re great if you plan to freeze food regularly. Their heavy-duty plastic bags can be cut and sealed to create any size bag.

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