Gas-Grill Smoking

Gas-Grill Smoking

Foil To The Rescue

There’s nothing new about using wood smoke to add flavor to foods when grilling or barbecuing. What is new is the abundance of wood-chip varieties available in stores these days. While charcoal grills impart a certain degree of smokiness, gas grills don’t. Using this simple technique is a convenient way to add the smoke where there’s already fire. Not all woods create a pleasant taste (pine, for instance), so if you’re new to smoking you might want to stick to the chips that are commercially available. We like fruitwoods but we encourage you to experiment and find what best suits your tastes. And in case you’re a purist, this technique works well with charcoal grills as well. Just toss the packet on white-hot coals, wait for the smoke and then let the grilling begin.

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