6 Secrets to Speedy Soups (Page 6)


Secret #5. Add a Quick-Cooking Lean Protein

Pre cooked beans are a quick-cooking staple, and are a high-quality source of protein and heart-healthy dietary fiber, which keep you feeling full. A typical 1⁄2-cup serving provides about 7 grams of protein and up to 7 grams of fiber (just be sure to drain and rinse canned beans before using to reduce sodium). Frozen boneless, skinless chicken breast, lean ground beef or lamb, wild-caught salmon fillets and lean pork chops are great, quick-cooking protein sources to use in soup. Each of these healthy protein sources can be defrosted fairly quickly, and when cut into small pieces cook in no time. And a little goes a long way: one 12-ounce salmon fillet will make 6 servings of our Salmon Chowder and one boneless, skinless chicken breast and a can of beans provides tons of protein in our Chicken & Spinach Soup with Fresh Pesto.

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