6 Secrets to Speedy Soups (Page 3)

Homemade Stock

Secret #2. Use Good-Quality Canned Broth

Some store-bought broth delivers close to 1,000 mg of sodium per cup—the majority of your daily recommended sodium intake! When shopping, Eating Well’s Test Kitchen Manager Stacy Fraser advises you look for reduced-sodium (averaging 500 mg/cup), no-salt added (averaging 200 mg/cup) or low-sodium (140 mg/cup or less) stock or broth. Some canned broths are lower in sodium than others, so check the nutritional panel to compare among brands.

And keep in mind— the flavor of the stock will affect the final dish. Taste it first, and if it doesn’t taste good to you, try another brand until you find one that pleases your taste buds. Or try one of our homemade broth recipes, like our Super-Simple Vegetable Broth recipe, which can be frozen and kept on hand for up to 3 months.

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