5 Secrets for Baking Healthier Cookies (Page 2)

Make Them Heart Healthy

1. Make Them Heart Healthy

Swap out some of the butter, margarine or shortening for heart-healthy oils, such as canola oil or olive oil or pureed fruit or even vegetables.

To replace fats with oil: For every tablespoon of butter you replace with heart-healthy oil, you eliminate at least 5 grams of saturated fat from your batch of cookies. (A batch of 2 dozen cookies made with 1 cup butter has almost 5 grams saturated fat per cookie.) In the EatingWell Test Kitchen, we’ve had good luck replacing up to 50% of the butter in a recipe. Keep in mind that when you reduce the butter in a recipe you may lose some of its tenderizing and moisture-retaining properties. Cookies that use some oil in place of butter may be a bit crisper and may dry out sooner. To preserve the best cookie texture, be sure to store extra cookies in an airtight container.

Examples of cookie recipes that use oil in place of some of the butter:
Leslie Malcoun's Pecan Tartlets
The Carlsmith Family's Gingerbread Cookies
Poppy Seed Thumbprints

Here’s a cookie that uses canola oil in place of all the butter in the original recipe. We think it’s an excellent makeover: Princess Tea Cakes

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