10 Steps to Water-Bath Canning (Page 2)

Canning Equipment

Equipment Needed

• Canning jars with lids.
• Large pot with a tight-fitting lid: either a boiling-water canning pot with a wire canning rack or a large, deep Dutch oven plus a round, metal cooling rack that fits into it. The wire rack helps prevent the jars from breaking.
• Flexible, nonreactive spatula (rubber or plastic) for releasing any air bubbles trapped in the preserves. (Trapped air bubbles may cause damage to the jars.)
• Canning funnel to make filling jars easier.
• Jar lifter to safely move jars in and out of the hot water bath.
• Lid wand (with a magnetic tip) to help remove lids from hot water.

CANNING RESOURCES: Home canning equipment, like the set pictured left, is available in hardware stores and online at and ($43-60).

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