Kebab Skewers: Which Skewers to Use for Kebab Recipes

How to make kebabs and kebab recipes from around the world.

While digging around among 300,000-year-old charred logs near Africa’s Kalambo Falls, archeologists found sharpened sticks that may well be some of the world’s oldest cooking utensils. In the eons since, cultures around the world have had a chance to add their own flavors and flair to cooking on a stick. Whatever our ancestors were roasting, we bet this sizzling selection of kebabs from around the world is even better. From the rich, smoky aroma of Italian pork spedini to the lean, fiery spice of South Indian shrimp, the bold flavors of these skewers will arouse your inner caveman.

—Bruce Aidells (Cookbook author Bruce Aidells is America’s “go-to guy” for all issues involving meat cookery. His TV show Good Cookin’ with Bruce Aidells appears on The Live Well Network.)

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