How to Make Mac & Cheese Healthier

How to Make Healthy Mac & Cheese

4 easy tips to lighten up homemade mac-and-cheese.

An all-time crowd-pleaser, mac-and-cheese is the epitome of comfort food. Our version, which EatingWell contributor Patsy Jamieson developed, is healthier than traditional versions of mac-and-cheese, thanks to a lighter sauce, spinach in the middle and a golden breadcrumb topping.

Here's how EatingWell’s lighter Baked Mac & Cheese stacks up nutritionally against traditional macaroni and cheese:

  • 404 fewer calories—a reduction of 59%
  • 39 fewer grams of fat—36% less fat
  • 15 fewer grams of saturated fat—42% less saturated fat
  • More folate and fiber

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