What Is Kale?

"The Vogue Veggie," September/October 2011

Kale recipes, ideas for cooking with kale and kale health benefits.

"That sounds good ill try that instead of lettuce "

The recipes are getting a make­over to match. So throw out your old conception of kale as an earnest, bitter health-leaf; our dishes show it for the versatile super­food it really is. Enjoy it as a crunchy snack as addictive as potato chips or as part of a hearty, bright salad with mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, smoky bacon and tangy vinaigrette. You can even drink your kale: our Green Smoothie offers a refreshing blend of banana, pear and a full cup of greens. Best of all, it’s almost absurdly healthy. On top of delivering a raft of cancer-fighting antioxidants, it’s one of the world’s best sources of vitamin A, which promotes eye and skin health and may help strengthen the immune system—why wouldn’t you eat it?

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