12 Tips to Think Like a Chef

By EatingWell Editors

Follow these short-order steps to make healthy meals easy.

"I am a private chef. many good tips here that are pretty much the standard for anyone with real experience. As far as sanitation and food protection, I wash everything before I use it. Veggies, fruits and such get sanitized immediately....

Tip 4: Room-temperature vegetables cook faster than cold ones. While we don’t advocate letting meat, poultry, fish or dairy sit out, we do let our vegetables come to room-temperature so they will sear quickly, cook evenly and blend more readily with other ingredients.

Tip 5: Substitute carefully. Although some substitutions seem obvious, they can be tricky business. A ruined dish is a waste of time. See The Well-Stocked Pantry.

Tip 6: Measure accurately. Nothing wrecks a quick-cooking sauté like a double portion of flour or an overdose of salt.

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