A New Cooking Technique for Bitter Greens

By Matthew Thompson, "Squeeze Your Greens," September/October 2012

Learn how this no-cook massaging technique can turn your bitter greens into a tender salad in minutes.

"To make a family-sized amount, you really need a restaurant-sized mixing bowl. (I am not about to do two massages for one meal.) Other than that, this was fine. "

There’s an amazing tool for transforming bitter, dark leafy greens into a tender, melts-in-your-mouth salad packed with punchy citrus, garlic and Parmesan. And it’s only an arm’s length away: your hands! A few minutes of judicious massaging (think rolfing, not Reiki) will completely transform kale, mustard greens or broccoli rabe into something velvety and soft. The secret is in the squeezing: by doing so you actually start to break down the cell walls, releasing enzymes that split apart the bitter-tasting compounds. That’s great news for anyone who’s wanted to enjoy these greens’ amazing benefits (they’re packed with dietary fiber and bone-healthy vitamin K) but couldn’t learn to love the taste. Turns out that if you want your greens to mellow out, all you have to do is give them a massage.

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