5 Easy Tips for How to Grill Fish Perfectly (Page 2)

1. Keep the Skin on the Fish

1. Keep the Skin on the Fish

Plenty of recipes call for your fish “skinned or “skin removed” which is fine if you’re baking it, for example, and don’t have to fuss with it much. But grilling is somewhat of an “action” cooking method where you may have to interact with your food a little more to get it cooked just right. To prevent your fillets from falling apart when you move them, consider leaving the skin on the fish (if it comes that way) when you grill it. It helps to hold the fish together in one piece. Or better yet, eat it! Some fish like trout or mackerel have thin skin that gets delightfully crispy when grilled. Tougher-skinned fish like salmon and halibut are best without their skin. You can gently remove the skin from the fish when it has finished cooking.

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