Slow Cooker-Magic: Easy Crock Pot Recipes You Can Load & Go, Plus Make-Ahead Tips

Our load-&-go crock pot recipes require no preparation so you can have healthy slow cooker soups, stews and pulled pork without extra cooking.

Want to be able to just put some ingredients in your slow-cooker and come back to a delicious cooked meal? Your slow-cooker dreams can become a reality with just a little advance planning and recipes that are designed to load and go. With our 4 simple plan-ahead slow-cooker tips you'll know what to do to set yourself up for slow-cooker success. And our 6 new healthy crock pot recipes are designed with two goals in mind: keep it light and keep it load-and-go easy. But don't worry, none of these recipes skimp on flavor. Fresh herbs and seasonings more than make up for what’s lost by skipping the browning. Chicken soup transforms into Vietnamese pho with whole cloves and star anise plus lots of fresh herbs at the end. Pulled pork soaks up coconut milk, curry paste and lime; a pinto bean stew is topped with cornbread dumplings and sprinkled with fresh cilantro and crunchy bits of radish. Check out our tips and recipes and be on your way to enjoying an easy, healthy dinner from your slow cooker.

Carolyn Malcoun, Senior Food Editor

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