How to Make Your Own Slice and Bake Cookies

With a roll of this cookie dough in the freezer, you're just 10 minutes away from a low-calorie, natural homemade treat.

To me, cookies aren’t just for special occasions; I can find a reason for a cookie (or two) anytime. Before I had children, my cookie jar was always stocked with a fresh, homemade batch. Fast-forward 10 years: my time is limited and my cookie jar often bare. Some might resort to packaged cookies or store-bought dough, but being a baker and health-conscious mom, I try to steer clear of processed treats in favor of homemade.

That’s why I love this speedy, vanilla-infused cookie dough that can be rolled into a log, stashed in the freezer and pulled out whenever I want to bake cookies. Plus, with this recipe, you’re not limited to just sugar cookies: Stir in chocolate and mini chocolate chips. Or add peanut butter and chopped peanuts for a slimmed-down version of traditional peanut butter cookies—ours have just 58 calories compared to 288 in a classic peanut butter cookie. My cookie jar will never be empty again.

By Stacy Fraser, March/April 2012

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