How to Make Healthy Fruit Bars

Step-by-step instructions for healthy fruit bars—a perfect lunchbox snack or delicious dessert.

There’s a lot to love about this fruit bar recipe. First, this is one of the easiest dessert recipes we’ve ever created. The crust comes together in a snap in your food processor and doubles as the topping with some more chopped nuts stirred in.

Don’t love nuts? It’s equally good with oats. No need to bust out your rolling pin; you just press the crust right into the baking dish. And the versatile fruit filling works with fresh, frozen or even dried fruit.

This recipe makes a nice-size batch of bars, perfect for toting to a party. They also hold well for up to 5 days, so they’re great to make on Sunday to put in lunchboxes during the week as a treat.

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Step 1: Prepare the Crust »

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