How to Make Fried Chicken Healthier (Page 6)

Don’t Fry Your “Fried” Chicken

4. Don’t Fry Your “Fried” Chicken

Make fried chicken without deep-frying? Yes. For a healthier result, you want to oven-fry. Put down your frying pan and preheat your oven to 425°F. A hot oven is a great way to get a crispy crust and cook food quickly. If you use your frying pan, you’ll have to use lots of oil to achieve the same crispy result—not to mention the few extra hundred calories it will add to your final dish. Another advantage of the oven? You can make a “bucket” full of chicken in just one batch; if you were using even your largest skillet, you would have to cook the chicken in batches.

So now that you’re cooking your chicken in the oven, you’ll need to invest in a wire rack about the size of your baking sheet. Is it critical to use one? Yes. (Don’t worry, they’re cheap.) It raises the chicken off the baking sheet so heat can reach underneath the food as well as on top. (If it’s sitting right on the baking sheet, you get a nice crispy top but a soggy bottom.)

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